Meet the 2022 Cohort of Friendly Scholars.

Yanely C.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
High School: ASPIRA Early College High School
Alternative Ed Major: Film School
Dream Job: Film Director

From the scholar herself:

Hello! My name is Yanely Castellanos and I am currently a highschool senior. I am extremely passionate about being creative in every way. Outside of school I enjoy drawing, cooking, photography, and building my film portfolio. I took one Short Films Production Class during my sophomore year, and knew I wanted to become a Filmmaker ever since. I am so excited to be a Friendly Scholar because it has introduced me to a group of like-minded people who are eager to see me succeed. With their support, I am confident that my fellow Scholars and I will make a great change in the world.

Tyra G.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
High School: Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
Alternative Ed Major: Esthetic Nursing
Dream Job: Registered Nurse

From the scholar herself:

Hi, I'm Tyra! I'm very passionate about public health and equal healthcare opportunities. It's my dream to become a Nurse. Outside of school my hobbies consist of sleeping, watching netflix, and literally taking a break from school because my whole life is school. I'm excited to be a Friendly Scholar, because I get to network with people in the nursing field, and that's something that's been hard for me to do lately since everything is virtual.

Moises A.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
High School: Hubbard High School
Alternative Ed Major: Sound Engineering
Dream Job: Raggaeton Artist

From the scholar himself:

Hello, my name’s Moises Andrade. I’ve been suffering most of my life. But once I heard reggaetón during a really hard time, I became in love. I felt empowered. I was able to succeed academically and socially with it on my mind. I’ve always wanted to empower those who suffer. I decided to chase my dream of becoming a reggaetón artist. And so I am taking the route of music production to learn how to produce my music. As a kid, I would constantly dance to songs with lots of Ritmo. I even subtly dance in class and hum reggaetón music whenever I succeed, like turning homework in. I enjoy watching anime because I love its hero complex, and I love being social! I’m excited to be a Friendly Scholar, the other Friendly Scholars are amazing.

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