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We believe in providing full transparency to our donors. When you make a donation to a non-profit, foundation, or philanthropy, you very rarely have the opportunity to meet the human who receives it. 100% of every donation directly funds a Friendly Scholar's education. We pay educational institutions directly, on behalf of each Friendly Scholar. Donating feels much better when you know where your money is going.

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Knocking down Barriers

Traditional scholarships select students based on academic merit (GPAs and ACT/SAT scores). Our approach to selecting Scholars is primarily focused on attributes opposed to academic merit. While academics are important, low income students may face challenges outside the classroom that interfere with their ability to crush it in the classroom.

Our GPA requirement is 2.0, and we do not collect test scores from our applicants. To apply to be a Friendly Scholar, graduates must pass the basic eligibility requirements, then submit a short essay and a 2 minute video answering the following:

Why should we choose you as a Friendly Scholar?

What will you do with your sponsorship money?

How will you help future Friendly Scholars?

Alternative Education

The traditional college path is only getting more expensive. Graduates who attend public colleges have, on average, $28,000 in debt when they graduate. At the same time, alternative forms of education are more popular and accessible than ever before.

We believe that alternative education, like coding bootcamps, trade schools, art schools, etc. can position high school graduates closer to a sustainable life than the traditional college path.

Each sponsorship we distribute is unique. Friendly Scholars are empowered to choose their own path. We are here to support, connect, and provide guidance along the way. As long as applicants demonstrate the value of their educational path to themselves and their community, we will support any path that can lead to a sustainable living.

creating community

To ensure Friendly Scholars stick with their educational pursuits, we surround them with a supportive community. We use a cohort model, in which 3-5 Friendly Scholars are awarded sponsorship at a time. This way, Friendly Scholars can support one another as each Scholar works to turn their dreams into reality.

After all, we're better together.



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